Geneva (AREA), Switzerland


Watches. Chocolate. The Alps. The birthplace of the Internet. Everything you could possibly want and anything else can be found in Geneva.

Premium place

If you know quality, you know that Swiss watches and Swiss chocolate are pretty close to perfection. You will also find all kinds of luxury brands and cheese fondue in Geneva. The city is furthermore located by the largest lake in Europe; the largest peak in Europe, Mont Planc, is frequently seen from the city; and many of the most important organizations in the world are based in the city. .

A variety of languages

You’ll find more than just a good selection of watches here. In Switzerland, there are three official languages, namely French, German and Italian. Geneva is situated where French is the predominant language, so best if you open conversation in well-chosen phrases in the language of love. About a third of inhabitants knows English, but just to be safe you should test the waters with French first. Comment allez-vous?

An unexpected collection

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