Glasgow, United Kingdom


Known as the commercial capital of Scotland, Glasgow is a bustling, cosmopolitan city and one of the top three foreign tourist destinations in the U.K.

You can dine in the city’s many outstanding restaurants, followed by visits to the theater or perhaps a visit to the nearest pub, where you will feel the pulse of Scotland thumping hard and fast. A Scottish pub is where you will find the Scotsman at his best. They, along with the Irish, have mastered the art of telling tall tales and the more beer, the taller the tale. Glasgow also offers many cultural activities , with it’s various galleries, museums and festivals.

The Scots are fiercely patriotic and never ever call them “British”! They dare to wear kilts whenever they feel like it and as to what they wear underneath, no one knows, but on a windy day you might find out yourself!

See the Scottish countryside

While you can have all the fun you like in Glasgow, you should keep in mind that the country surrounding it is a paradise for nature lovers. Various wildlife beckons the hunter, while Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout abound in the lakes and rivers. The countryside is littered with old castles, many of which have been converted into hotels. They are extremely popular for honeymoons and anniversaries.

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